WED, 24 APR 2019
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Consumer community empowerment that includes patients and families becomes one of main interventions on Schizophrenia recovery. This proves that family plays important role to help patient recovered from mental illness.
WED, 24 APR 2019
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Saka Rosanta (37 years old) has suffered from schizophrenia since early age. He has attempted to commit suicide for several times by hanging himself three times and drinking poison. All these attempts were ended up in failure. He also once locked himself in a room for a year.
TUE, 23 APR 2019
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Ministry of Health, RI is committed to conduct routine complete immunization. There are many of children who have not obtained immunization. Poor knowledge of benefit and significance of immunization, and misleading information of vaccine are believed to responsible for such low coverage of immunization.
TUE, 16 APR 2019
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Election day will be held in Wedensday, 17 April 2019. For the first time, citizens vote president, vice president, member of House of Representatives, and regional House of Representatives at the same day. All citizens above 17 years of age have right to vote on election day that includes hospitalized inpatient, patients family, and health personnel in health centre, clinic, and hospital.
SUN, 14 APR 2019
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Haj pilgrimage requires physical preparedness since it orders us to perform rites that involve a great deal of physical activities. Those physical activities are performed under harsh dessert climate of Saudi Arabia which is extremely different compared to that in Indonesia.
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