WED, 16 MAY 2018
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Hypertension is called the silent killer because the symptoms are often without complaints. Usually, the patient does not know that he/she suffered from hypertension and was only known after complications.
MON, 14 MAY 2018
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Green and Healthy Office, Ministry of Health is an office whose structure and management process is efficient and effective in the use of resources, environmentally friendly, does not cause health and safety hazards to the workforce.
MON, 14 MAY 2018
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Ministry of Health RI began implementing the Green and Healthy Office Movement (Berhias). This movement was ratified based on the Decree of the Minister of Health (Ind: Kepmenkes) on the Office of the Office Movement in the Ministry of Health set on March 27, 2018.
FRI, 11 MAY 2018
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At the Regional Health Working Meeting (Ind: Rakerkesda) on Friday (11/5) attended by Minister of Health RI Nila Moeloek, there are two areas in Maluku that describes the efforts and obstacles experienced in reducing cases of tuberculosis and stunting. The two districts, namely Buru District has succeeded in reducing the number of stunting cases, and Aru Islands District has succeeded in reducing TB cases.
WED, 09 MAY 2018
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The National Elderly Day (Ind: HLUN) is commemorated every May 29th. In 2018, HLUN raised the theme of Prosperous Elderly, Happy Society; with Sub Themes of Health Sector: Healthy Elderly Self Established from Healthy Families. Through this theme it is hoped to revive health messages that healthy starts from the family; healthy should be maintained by applying healthy living behavior; and actively participate in national health insurance.
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