FRI, 12 JAN 2018
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Friday morning (12th January 2018), Minister of Health RI, Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Farid Moeloek, Sp.M(K) officially inaugurated 11 officials of echelon II in Directorate General of Health Service, Directorate General of Disease Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health.
WED, 10 JAN 2018
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Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Farid Moeloek, Sp.M (K) said that people are more cautious about behavior that is out of the ordinary and has a health risk that has not been scientifically proven its usefulness, one of which is drinking camel urine.
TUE, 09 JAN 2018
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Every report of diphtheria case is a suspect, not positive diphtheria case. The much number of reported cases become an alert for health personnel and local government to take prevention steps.
MON, 08 JAN 2018
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According to monitoring of Ministry of Health, number of reported diphtheria cases shows decreasing trend.
FRI, 05 JAN 2018
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The principle of health care is strengthening access and quality of health service, both in primary and referral level. Therefore, Ministry of Health fulfill the needs of health facility in primary level (health center) and hospital.
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