SUN, 11 NOV 2018
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"It is not true that there is increasing number of cases or JE outbreak in Bali. Throughout 2018, there was only one JE case found in January and there was no death, '' said Vensya Sitohang, Director of Health Surveillance and Quarantine of the Ministry of Health.
MON, 05 NOV 2018
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Climate change and antimicrobial resistance has prompted new-emerging diseases and re-emerging diseases. These diseases are potential to spread rapidly, become pandemic and have high risk of fatality. Globalization that leads to animal and human mobilization across country and lifestyle change are responsible for rapid spread of the diseases that threatens global health security.
FRI, 19 OCT 2018
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Performing healthy lifestyle is not an easy thing to do, especially for a cancer survivor. Cancer survivors usually live under stress and overcome stigmatization of cancer as horrible disease.
FRI, 19 OCT 2018
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Disaster survivors are forced to overcome post-disaster crisis. Some of those find hard way to recover in such situation making them suffer from a wide range of mental health problem, namely psychological distress, anxiety, depression, and severe mental disorder.
THU, 18 OCT 2018
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Poor sanitation, unhealthy behavior and unsafe drinking water are responsible for children mortality of diarrhea all over the world. Ministry of Health commits to improve sanitation and access to clean water as one of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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