MON, 22 AUG 2016
7.548 HITS
At the end of 2014, Indonesian government has targetted the increase of tourist arrival in Indonesian into 20 million visits within the nest 5 years. To achieve the target, Mr. President, Jokowi, has determined 2016 as the year for the acceleration on tourism sector.
FRI, 19 AUG 2016
702 HITS
Breast and cervical cancer are main noncommunicable diseases that can be prevented by early detection and risk factors control. Today, cancer control has been developed into genetic factors.
THU, 11 AUG 2016
771 HITS
Currently in several regions in Indonesia found to spot forest fires. The issue is always raised as a result of forest fires and land certainly raises new problems, namely haze. As we know, the haze coming from forest and land fires, contain material which could have a negative impact on health, which include eye irritation, skin irritation, irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract, or known as acute respiratory infections (Ind: ISPA).
WED, 10 AUG 2016
729 HITS
Good nutrition becomes the basis for each individual to reach its maximum potential. Good nutrition also can break the chains of poverty, stimulate economic growth, which in turn can have a positive impact for individuals, families, and communities.
FRI, 05 AUG 2016
982 HITS
"I want to be a cop." That Rizkis answer (11 years old) of obese patients who are currently being treated at RS M. Hoesin Hospital, Palembang when he was asked about his goal by Minister of Health Nila Moeloek.
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