SUN, 16 SEP 2018
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Being stunted due to chronic malnutrition, it makes a dwarf brain. This means that the children become not smart, Minister of Health Nila Moeloek replied, just before sending thousands of long march participants with the President's Chief of Staff, General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko, and Deputy for Health Improvement Coordination of the Ministry of PMK, dr. Sigit Priohutomo, MPH.
SUN, 16 SEP 2018
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The government called for the start of a national Stunting Prevention National Campaign. This appeal was made at the National Monument on Sunday morning (16/9).
THU, 30 AUG 2018
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Blindness due to cataracts still dominates the level of blindness in Indonesia. Because the level of blindness is still quite high, reaching up to three percent. Cataracts are the biggest contributor to blindness in Indonesia, which is almost 60 percent.
WED, 29 AUG 2018
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Not only did the number of malaria cases decrease in District of Teluk Bintuni, the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) also declined. This is in line with the local government's target to reduce maternal mortality.
FRI, 24 AUG 2018
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The Ministry of Health initiated a meeting attended by representatives of the Indonesian Ulema Council Fatwa Commission (Ind: MUI), Directors of PT. Biofarma, Indonesian Pediatricians Association (Ind: IDAI), Indonesian Child Protection Commission (Ind: KPAI), UNICEF, WHO, as well as Health Office Heads and leaders.
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