WED, 14 MAR 2018
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The Inspector General of the Ministry of Health (Ind: Itjen Kemenkes RI) makes elimination of tuberculosis (TBC), stunting reduction, and improvement of immunization quality and achievement as part of supervision priority until 2019.
TUE, 06 MAR 2018
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In the mid-term evaluation of the National Medium Term Development Plan (Ind: RPJMN) 2015-2019, 4 major health targets should be set by 2019.
TUE, 06 MAR 2018
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Behavior is a factor that plays a role of almost 60% in health determinants, in addition to environmental factors. However, it is not only that, talking behavior will be very closely related to the cultural factors of community.
MON, 05 MAR 2018
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Poor environmental conditions can lead to various diseases. Therefore, awareness to maintain environmental hygiene needs to be grown as this becomes one of the determinants of public health.
FRI, 02 MAR 2018
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World celebrates World Hearing Day (WHD) every 3 March. This years theme is Hear the future and prepare for it which is adopted into national theme as Healthy Ear for Future Investment.
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