MON, 20 JUN 2016
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Indonesia was not included into 46 countries experiencing outbreaks of Zika virus. Indonesia also was not included in the 14 countries with Zika virus transmission. Thus confirmed by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health, dr. H. Mohammad Subuh, MPPM.
SUN, 19 JUN 2016
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Indonesia is not an endemic and infected areas of Zika virus. Zika case in Indonesia is only one positive, he was a patient from Jambi. It was reported through laboratory Eikman report in 2015.
MON, 13 JUN 2016
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An Indonesian citizen has identified has zika virus by a quarantine officer at Kaohsiung International Airport, Taiwan. Resident from Blitar, East Java, he is PS (Man, 22 years) who works as fishing ship crew (Ind: ABK).
WED, 08 JUN 2016
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Each year, the tradition of going home ahead of the feast is almost certainly made the most of Indonesian people. The increase in the number of travelers is always followed by an increase in the number of traffic accidents in the transportation risk. At the moment there are special circumstances mass transfer from the city to the area of homeland, for example when Lebaran, Christmas holidays, New Year and other special situations, mostly using road transportation means, one of them is a public bus.
SAT, 04 JUN 2016
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Saturday morning (4 June 2016), the Nusantara Sehat (NS) team batch I 2016 to Puskesmas Biluhu and Bilato, Gorontalo District were officially welcomed by Head of Gorontalo Provincial Health Office, dr. Triyanto S Bialangi, SKM, MKes.
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