WED, 27 JUL 2016
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Children represent the most vulnerable segment of society, comparing to adults, either in risk of disease or risk of death. The quality improvement of child health is an indicator of the progress of a community or nation. It also contributes on the reduction of global disease burden. Therefore, the child health is a responsibility of all parties by always paying attention and commitment on child health improvement.
SAT, 23 JUL 2016
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The enforcement of moratorium on the recruitment of government civil officer candidate (Ind: CPNS) is excluded for teacher, health personnel, and some other professions. It underlied the policy that this year governmnet will recruite non-permanent officers of Ministry of Health (MoH) into local government officer.
SAT, 23 JUL 2016
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The doctor, which has already been appointed as local non permanent officer (Ind: PTT) two months ago by Regent of Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara, named dr. R (male, 26 years old) got difficulty in breathing on Wednesday (20 July 2016) and got treatment in Ruteng District Hospital, East Nusa Tenggara.
TUE, 19 JUL 2016
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In accordance with the findings of fake vaccines in several health care facilities involving some elements of private health workers, which caused panic in patients families at one hospital so that it caused some tension in that place.
SAT, 16 JUL 2016
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The government began to conduct repeated immunization on Monday (7/18/2016) at Ciracas health center. There were 197 patients who received the fake vaccine in the clinic of Midwives EN will get the vaccine provided by the government after the process of data verification and medical examination.
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